Join @40bitklipper, @40bitfrosty, and @cynicplacebo as we play through our massive back-log of single player games and talk about them.

We follow a format similar to a book club where we collectively decide on a game to play, retreat to our gaming rooms, and return and discuss our feelings around a careful crafted centerpiece. We avoid common rating systems involving numbers, thumbs up / down, or X out of 10 headcrabs. The goal is to come away with the question answered "is it worth my time to play through this game or not".

Episode 07 - Mass Effect


Having mentioned it in every episode thus far, Frosty finally gets his wish to immerse Cynic and Klipper in the world of Mass Effect. Cynic reveals he played as a jerk who said no to every galactic citizen who asked for help, while Klipper names who he thinks is the Randy Quaid of the universe. All while Frosty takes everything far too seriously, especially the differences between VI and AI. So fire up your omni-tools and coat yourself in element zero, it's time to discuss the original Mass Effect. Link for AMD fix: Follow us on Twitter: Klipper - Frosty - Cynic - #40bit

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