Join @40bitklipper, @40bitfrosty, and @cynicplacebo as we play through our massive back-log of single player games and talk about them.

We follow a format similar to a book club where we collectively decide on a game to play, retreat to our gaming rooms, and return and discuss our feelings around a careful crafted centerpiece. We avoid common rating systems involving numbers, thumbs up / down, or X out of 10 headcrabs. The goal is to come away with the question answered "is it worth my time to play through this game or not".

Episode 12 - Mass Effect 2


Having spent the month playing Mass Effect 2, we come together to discuss Commander Shepard’s continuing journey in this sci-fi trilogy. We’ll share our love of the particle beam weapon, reveal what we called the mini-game symbols in our head, and disagree a bit about “assuming control” of Joker. As the episode continues, Klipper judges anyone who stands on furniture, Frosty quacks, and Cynic does a Dr. Claw impression. So either pay off random strangers or ignore your friends requests for help, it’s time to make some tough choices in Mass Effect 2.

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