Join @40bitklipper, @40bitfrosty, and @cynicplacebo as we play through our massive back-log of single player games and talk about them.

We follow a format similar to a book club where we collectively decide on a game to play, retreat to our gaming rooms, and return and discuss our feelings around a careful crafted centerpiece. We avoid common rating systems involving numbers, thumbs up / down, or X out of 10 headcrabs. The goal is to come away with the question answered "is it worth my time to play through this game or not".

Season 2, Episode 1 - Jedi Fallen Order


Season 2 of Pushing 40 Bit is here! And what better way to start the season off than with a game set in the universe we all love - Star Wars! We reminisce on past Star Wars games, share our love of Greez and gonk droids, and argue about story quality. Klipper feels empathy for enslaved wookies, Frosty brags about finding all the crates, and we all hate lightsaber resistant goats. Feel free to eat some chocolate and put on your Jedi robes during the intermission, then return to hear tales of Cynic hoarding stims and his policy on re-killing the undead. So install some safety bars in your shower and crank The Hu, it’s time to discuss Jedi: Fallen Order! Next month's game is the fan-made recreation of the original Half-Life, Black Mesa! Follow us on Twitter to stay updated: Klipper - Frosty - Cynic - #40bit

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