Join @40bitklipper, @40bitfrosty, and @cynicplacebo as we play through our massive back-log of single player games and talk about them.

We follow a format similar to a book club where we collectively decide on a game to play, retreat to our gaming rooms, and return and discuss our feelings around a careful crafted centerpiece. We avoid common rating systems involving numbers, thumbs up / down, or X out of 10 headcrabs. The goal is to come away with the question answered "is it worth my time to play through this game or not".

Episode 08 - Rayman Origins


For the first time ever, the crew of Pushing 40 bit pick up their controllers and tackle a side-scoller / platformer. Will the frustration be too much? Or have modern platformers lost the brutal difficulty of the originals?

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Episode 07 - Mass Effect


Frosty gets his wish to introduce Cynic and Klipper to the Mass Effect universe

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Episode 06 - Bioshock Infinite


The Pushing 40 Bit crew plays through the award winning single player adventure Bioshock Infinite. Join our quest to play through the best single player games of all time.

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Episode 05 - Freespace 2


Pushing 40 Bit takes on the sequel to Freespace 1. Will Cynic's wrists hold up to the challenge? We compare and contrast the original to the sequel and see if its worth continuing the journey or tapping out after the original.

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