Join @40bitklipper, @40bitfrosty, and @cynicplacebo as we play through our massive back-log of single player games and talk about them.

We follow a format similar to a book club where we collectively decide on a game to play, retreat to our gaming rooms, and return and discuss our feelings around a careful crafted centerpiece. We avoid common rating systems involving numbers, thumbs up / down, or X out of 10 headcrabs. The goal is to come away with the question answered "is it worth my time to play through this game or not".

Episode 11 - Bastion


Here at Pushing 40 Bit, we enjoy all manner of games. Heading a bit off the beatin' path we find ourselves in the world of Bastion. Pick up your pistol and hammer and let's pound through this one.

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Episode 10 - Watchdogs


The Pushing 40 Bit team explores the hacking adventure "Watch Dogs" set in the beautiful city of unlicensed Chicago. Join the mayhem, or join the controlled vengeance! There is something for everyone!

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Episode 9 - Titanfall 2


In preparation for the upcoming Star Wars game, the Pushing 40 bit crew plays another of Respawn's single player adventures. Let's see if this adds to or removes from the hype train

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Episode 08 - Rayman Origins


For the first time ever, the crew of Pushing 40 bit pick up their controllers and tackle a side-scoller / platformer. Will the frustration be too much? Or have modern platformers lost the brutal difficulty of the originals?

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